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Grilla Grills Review: A Comprehensive Look

Grilla Grills has been gaining traction in the world of outdoor cooking, and for good reason. They offer a range of pellet grills, kamado grills, and accessories that cater to both novice and experienced grillers. In this review, we'll dive deep into what makes Grilla Grills stand out, their product offerings, performance, build quality, and overall value.

1. Company Overview

Grilla Grills, founded by Mark Graham and Alan Haas, is a relatively new player in the barbecue industry. Despite their youth, they have quickly established a reputation for innovation and quality. Their headquarters are based in Holland, Michigan, and they pride themselves on providing high-quality grills at competitive prices.

2. Product Range

Grilla Grills offers a variety of products, but their lineup is primarily divided into pellet grills and kamado grills.

Pellet Grills:


"Grilla Grills Silverbac pellet grill displayed on a white background, showcasing its sleek design and sturdy construction."
  • Silverbac: Known for its robust construction and large cooking area, the Silverbac is perfect for family gatherings and larger cookouts. It features a dual-wall stainless steel lid, a generous hopper capacity, and precise temperature control.

"Grilla Grills Chimp portable pellet grill on a white background, highlighting its compact size and robust build."
  • Chimp: This is a portable pellet grill ideal for camping trips or tailgating. Despite its compact size, it doesn’t compromise on cooking performance.

"Grilla Grills Grilla pellet grill with a unique round design, displayed on a white background."
  • Grilla: Unique for its round design, the Grilla offers excellent heat distribution and smoke circulation. It’s a great mid-sized option for those who want something different from the traditional rectangular grills.

Kamado Grills:

"Grilla Grills Kong kamado grill on a white background, featuring its thick ceramic body and classic egg-shaped design."
  • Kong: The Kong is Grilla Grills' answer to the popular kamado-style grills. Made from thick ceramic, it excels at heat retention and is incredibly versatile, allowing for grilling, smoking, and baking.

3. Build Quality

Grilla Grills are known for their solid construction. The materials used, such as stainless steel and heavy-duty ceramics, ensure durability and longevity. For instance, the Silverbac features a double-wall stainless steel lid, which not only enhances heat retention but also adds to the grill's durability. Similarly, the Kong kamado grill is built with thick ceramic walls that provide excellent insulation and even cooking temperatures.

4. Performance

Performance is where Grilla Grills truly shine. Their pellet grills, such as the Silverbac and Grilla, utilize a digital control board that offers precise temperature management, which is crucial for consistent cooking results. These grills can maintain low and slow smoking temperatures or ramp up the heat for searing.

The kamado-style Kong grill excels in versatility, capable of reaching high temperatures for searing steaks or maintaining low temperatures for long smoking sessions. The thick ceramic walls ensure efficient heat retention and even cooking, which is a hallmark of high-quality kamado grills.

5. Ease of Use

Grilla Grills are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The digital controllers on their pellet grills are intuitive, making it easy to set and maintain desired temperatures. The included meat probes allow for precise monitoring of internal meat temperatures without needing to open the grill, ensuring consistent results every time.

The Kong kamado grill, while requiring a bit more knowledge due to its manual temperature control, is still relatively easy to use. The thick ceramic body and tight seal make temperature control straightforward once you understand the basics of airflow management.

6. Customer Service and Support

Grilla Grills has a strong reputation for excellent customer service. They offer comprehensive warranties on their products and have a responsive support team ready to assist with any issues. Additionally, their website provides a wealth of resources, including cooking guides, recipes, and troubleshooting tips.

7. Value for Money

Grilla Grills offers exceptional value for money. Compared to other premium grill brands, they provide similar, if not superior, quality at a more affordable price point. Their grills are built to last, and the performance they offer is on par with some of the more expensive brands in the market.

8. Real-Life Example

Imagine hosting a summer barbecue with the Silverbac pellet grill. You start the day smoking a brisket, the digital controller keeping the temperature steady at 225°F for hours. Later, you crank up the heat to 450°F to grill some burgers and hot dogs. Throughout the day, the grill maintains its temperature without much intervention, allowing you to enjoy time with your guests rather than constantly tending to the grill. The result is perfectly smoked brisket and deliciously grilled burgers that earn you rave reviews from family and friends.


Grilla Grills offers a range of high-quality, durable, and user-friendly products that cater to various grilling needs. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pitmaster, their grills provide excellent performance and value for money. With innovative designs, solid construction, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Grilla Grills is a brand that stands out in the competitive world of outdoor cooking.


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