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What are router jigs?

"Photograph showing a collection of woodworking routers arranged neatly on a table, highlighting the assortment of tools available for shaping and crafting wood."

What are router jigs?

Woodworking routers are versatile tools that enable craftsmen to shape, cut, and hollow out wood with incredible precision. While routers can be used freehand, incorporating router jigs into your woodworking projects takes your craftsmanship to the next level. Router jigs are essential devices that offer consistency, accuracy, and safety, making complex tasks more manageable and boosting your creativity in the workshop. In this article, we'll delve into the world of woodworking router jigs, exploring their various types, applications, and benefits.

Router jigs are specially designed fixtures or guides used in conjunction with a woodworking router to perform specific tasks with exceptional accuracy. These jigs eliminate the need for relying solely on the operator's skill and allow woodworkers to replicate precise cuts, shapes, and patterns consistently. They come in various shapes and sizes, tailored for specific woodworking applications, and can be either commercially available or custom-made.

Types of Router Jigs

1. Straight Edge Guide: A straight edge guide jig helps create straight and consistent cuts along the length of the workpiece. It is ideal for trimming edges, dadoes, and rabbets.

2. Circle Cutting Jig: As the name suggests, this jig is used for cutting perfect circles or arcs in wood. It often consists of a pivot point and adjustable radius, allowing for a wide range of circle sizes.

3. Template Routing Jig: Template jigs are versatile and invaluable for duplicating complex shapes and patterns consistently. They utilize a pre-made template, which the router bit follows to recreate the desired design on multiple workpieces.

4. Dovetail Jig: This jig is essential for creating precise dovetail joints, a hallmark of fine woodworking. It simplifies the process of cutting tails and pins for a snug and sturdy fit.

5. Mortise and Tenon Jig: This jig aids in cutting mortises and tenons accurately, which are fundamental components of joinery in furniture making.

6. Box Joint Jigs: Also known as finger joint jigs, these fixtures assist in crafting box joints for sturdy and attractive box construction.

Benefits of Router Jigs

1. Precision: Router jigs ensure consistent and precise cuts, which is essential for achieving professional-looking results. They eliminate human errors and irregularities, providing a polished finish to your workpieces.

2. Time Efficiency: By streamlining repetitive tasks, router jigs save valuable time during the woodworking process. Once the jig is set up correctly, you can easily replicate intricate cuts and shapes with ease.

3. Safety: Router jigs enhance safety by keeping your hands and fingers away from the router bit during operation. The fixed guides reduce the risk of accidental slips and injuries.

4. Repeatability: Whether you need to create multiple identical pieces or revisit a project in the future, router jigs ensure that you can recreate your work accurately.

5. Complex Designs Made Easy: Without router jigs, some woodworking designs might be impractical or extremely challenging. Jigs open up possibilities for more intricate and unique creations.


Woodworking router jigs are indispensable tools that elevate your woodworking projects to new heights. These ingenious fixtures provide precision, consistency, and safety while allowing you to explore your creativity without limitations. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, investing in quality router jigs will undoubtedly enhance your woodworking journey. So, embrace the power of router jigs and unlock the full potential of your woodworking skills. Happy crafting!

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