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Introducing the JGZUI Straight Plunge Router Bit, a high-quality cutting tool designed for precision and durability. Made from Tungsten Cobalt Alloy, this straight router bit boasts superior durability and heat resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects. With a 1/4" shank diameter and a cutting diameter of 1/8", this router bit is perfect for creating clean and smooth plunge cuts in wood and other materials. The 1/2" cutting length allows for deep cuts, while the 2" overall length provides stability and control during operation. Certified with CE, this JGZUI router bit is a reliable and trustworthy tool for professional and DIY woodworking. From the mainland China, this straight plunge router bit is a must-have addition to any woodworking toolbox.

JGZUI Straight Plunge Router Bit 1/4" SHK x 1/8" DIA x 1/2" C/L

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