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Introducing the DELIXI ELECTRIC 7" Curved Jaw Locking Pliers, a premium hand tool designed for versatility and durability. Crafted from high-quality chrome vanadium, these pliers boast a German-inspired design, ensuring precise and efficient performance. Made in Mainland China, they feature a bent handle style for a comfortable and ergonomic grip, making them perfect for extended use. With a maximum jaw opening of 2.08" (53mm) and a jaw length of 2.09" (53mm), these pliers can handle a wide range of tasks. At an overall length of 7.28" (185mm) and a net weight of 12.24oz (347g), the DELIXI ELECTRIC 7" Curved Jaw Locking Pliers are a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson.

DELIXI ELECTRIC - 7" Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

    Origin: Mainland China
    Material: Chrome Vanadium
    Plier Design: German
    Type: 7" Curved Jaw Locking Pliers
    Handle Style: Bent
    Maximum Jaw Opening: 2.08" (53mm)
    Jaw Length: 2.09" (53mm)
    Overall Length: 7.28" (185mm)
    Net Weight: 12.24oz (347g)

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