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Experience unparalleled woodworking precision with the Hiizug Tool (C40mm) Replacement Inserts for Flush Trim Router Bit, meticulously engineered to enhance the performance of your woodworking tools. Crafted with precision and expertise, these inserts seamlessly integrate into your flush trim router bit, ensuring consistent and precise results in your woodworking projects.


Key Features:

  1. Optimal Dimensions: Designed with precision, these replacement inserts measure 39.5mm x 12mm x 1.5mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your flush trim router bit and enabling seamless operation for enhanced cutting precision.
  2. Precise 35° Bevel: Each insert features a precise 35° bevel, allowing for smooth and accurate trimming, shaping, and cutting of woodwork projects with ease and precision.
  3. Exceptional Cutting Efficiency: Equipped with four cutting edges made from high-quality tungsten carbide, these inserts deliver exceptional cutting efficiency and durability, enabling you to tackle various woodworking tasks with precision and ease.
  4. Certified Quality: CE certified for quality and safety, these replacement inserts meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your woodworking endeavors.
  5. Dual Inserts for Balanced Performance: Each set includes two inserts, carefully designed to provide balanced cutting performance and stability, enhancing the overall efficiency and accuracy of your woodworking projects.
  6. Reversible Design for Extended Lifespan: Engineered for longevity and cost-effectiveness, these inserts are reversible, allowing you to maximize their lifespan and maintain optimal cutting performance over time.
  7. Complete Installation Kit: Each set of replacement inserts comes complete with screws for easy installation, ensuring hassle-free setup and compatibility with your flush trim router bit. Additionally, a T20 Spanner wrench is included for convenient adjustment and maintenance.


Elevate your woodworking experience with the Hiizug Tool (C40mm) Replacement Inserts for Flush Trim Router Bit. With precision engineering, durable construction, and versatile design, these inserts are the perfect addition to your workshop, enabling you to achieve professional-quality results with every woodworking project.

Hiizug Tool (C40mm) Replacement Inserts for Flush Trim Router Bit

  • Brand Name: Hiizug Tool
    Model Number: C40mm
    Origin: Mainland China
    Technology: Tungsten Carbide Inserts
    Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide
    Type: Replacement  Inserts
    Certification: CE
    Length: 39.5mm
    Width:  12mm
    Thickness: 1.5mm
    Bevel: 35°
    Cutting Edges: 4

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