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Introducing the JGZUI 6-Piece Template Router Bit Set with a 1/4" Shaft, meticulously crafted for precision routing tasks. Whether you're a woodworking enthusiast or a professional carpenter, this set delivers exceptional performance and durability.


Crafted by JGZUI, a trusted brand hailing from Mainland China, these router bits boast CE certification, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards. Each piece in this set is meticulously engineered to meet the demands of precision routing projects.


Constructed from high-quality 45# steel, these bits feature YG6X carbide tips for enhanced durability and longevity. The 1/4" shank diameter provides compatibility with a wide range of routers, offering versatility for various applications.


With a balanced design featuring a tolerance of +/- .003", these router bits ensure smooth operation and precise cuts. The solid hardened steel bodies incorporate an anti-kickback design, prioritizing safety during use.


Equipped with an industrial-grade micro-grain carbide blade, CNC-ground to a mirror-like 600 grit finish, these bits deliver impeccable cutting performance. The Teflon coating enhances resistance to build-up and heat, extending the lifespan of the bits.


Designed with high hook and shear angles, these router bits effortlessly slice through stock, producing clean and splinter-free cuts. The enclosed and lubricated bearings ensure smooth rotation, further enhancing the precision of your routing tasks.


In summary, the JGZUI 6-Piece Template Router Bit Set offers unbeatable quality and performance for your routing needs. Whether you're crafting intricate designs or tackling everyday projects, these router bits are the ideal companion for achieving professional results. Upgrade your woodworking arsenal with this premium set and experience the difference firsthand.

JGZUI - 6 Piece Set - Template Router Bit Set - 1/4" Shank

  • Brand Name: JGZUI
    Origin: Mainland China
    Certification: CE
    Type: Template Router Bit
    Material: 45# steel
    Carbide tip: YG6X
    Shank Diameter: 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Balance: +/- .003" tolerance 
    Body: Solid Hardened Steel 
    Blade: Industrial grade micro grain carbide 
    Cutter: CNC ground to a 600 grit, mirror-like finish
    Diameter: Varies
    Overall Length: Varies

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