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Introducing the Tideway Professional Grade Cove Router Bit! This outstanding tool is expertly crafted to significantly enhance your woodworking projects. Constructed with a robust steel alloy body and ultra-sharp tungsten carbide blades, it's built for longevity and guarantees precise cutting every time you use it.


Thanks to its advanced two-flute design, the Tideway Cove Router Bit doesn't just cut wood - it does so with remarkable efficiency and accuracy. Whether you're shaping edges or smoothing corners, this versatile tool is your trustworthy companion, effortlessly handling hardwood, plywood, and composite materials.


With its 1/2" shank and boasting an 11/16" radius, this router bit provides you with total control over your work. Additionally, it comes equipped with a convenient built-in bearing that ensures stability, resulting in smooth and precise cuts throughout your project. And let's not forget its prestigious Tideway brand endorsement - renowned for innovation and top-notch quality, you can count on this router bit to deliver exceptional results every time you put it to use.

Tideway (D02919) Cove Router Bit 1/2" Shank x 11/16" Radius w/Bearing

  • Brand Name: TIDEWAY
    Model Number: D02919
    Origin: Mainland China
    Body Material: Steel Alloy
    Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide
    Type: Cove Router Bit with Bearing
    Certification: CE
    Shank Diameter: 1/2" (12.7mm)
    Radius: 11/16" (17.45mm)
    Flutes: 2

    Recommended Working Parameters:

    • Speed: 18000-24000 RPM
    • Feed Rate: 8-12 meters per minute / 26-40 feet per minute
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